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Agnes Pauken
Agnes Pauken

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    approaching birthdays

Anton Pauken   30 May 1777
George Haas   31 May 1799
Michael Pauken   31 May 1964
Jeffery A. Griesinger   6 Jun 1968
Angela Pauken   1 Jun 1977

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Thank you for taking the time to visit this site, with which I am hoping to document the name "Pauken" in the United States. In order that you, the user, may get the maximum amount of information I urge you to register for an account. This can be accomplished using the link directly above. The information you supply will not be sold or used in any commercial manner and userID/password take effect immediately. In order to give privacy to living individuals, only initials no dates will be displayed to non registered viewers. Additionally anybody requesting so, will be marked private which will extend these restrictions even to registered viewers.

At this point in time there eight adult immigrants named Pauken. They are represented by a link labeled with the city which they are associated with in the menubar near the top of each page. These links will lead to chart containing the known descendants. In order to maintain continuity and have the relationship calculator work properly, I have elected to include the preceding direct line generations in Germany back to the earliest known Pauken. The source of the information about Paukens in Germany is Familienchronik Pauken authored by Thomas Pauken and others in 2005. They have been valuable contributors to this site directly and indirectly.

Wherever possible I have included birth records or baptismal records. Birth records were not as common or consistent before the turn of the 20th century. For most of the first two generations in the U.S. I relied on Church records. At times this presented a challenge regarding names. I put people in the database using the name as it appears on the documentation I have. In the case of church records in Latin I have anglicized the names. Often times people were commonly known by their middle or other names. If I am aware of this fact I try and make some kind of notation that will appear in the section for personal information for that person. This problem is compounded by these records being hand written by humans i.e. penmanship, spelling and transposing names. I have tried to go with spellings and order in the documentation which is most prevalent. If you have any questions or corrections please use the contact form to let me know. Likewise many living people I have gotten information about through word of mouth and their name may have been given to me as how they are commonly known and not necessarily their legal name.

I have chosen to add several "widgets" to the sidebars of this page which I hope people will find interesting. On the left a random picture and document each are displayed with links to the full scale versions. Then a short list of people with birthdays coming up shortly. on the right in a section titled "Features" I have links to pages of a general nature not linked to a particular individual. Next is section of links to external sources of information. These may be of interest to you if you have any interest in doing genealogical research. At the bottom right is a weather widget displaying data from Koblenz. Unfortunately it is limited to the degree it is configurable and Koblenz is the closest city for which data is retrievable. While Koblenz is only about 30 mile from Büchel at times it can be 7 to 10 degrees(f) warmer. I think it has to do with the location in the Mosel and Rhine river valleys as I have noticed the same with Cochem on the Mosel river which is at most 10 miles from Büchel.

Finally, if you are a Pauken or connected, I hope you will consider submitting your's & your family's names for inclusion and encourage other family members to do likewise. This will allow everyone to get a more accurate picture of the family. I also would encourage people to submit any old photos or other media pertaining to the family in order that they can be shared with all the users.

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